Skidmark Garage

is proud to present...

Ten very lucky f*%&ers will get the opportunity to hang out with Jesse Bassett of The Gasbox and Austin Andrella of Austin Martin Originals for three hours. Why just ten you ask? Well, we are keeping this event, and future events like it, small so that everyone gets a chance to tap into the creativity locked away in the skulls of these two master builders.

This is just the start. The best builders in the country have agreed to make themselves available to a small chunk of the public (you) on a semi-regular basis. We encourage you to bring your bikes, project or not, so that the builders can give you their opinions and tells you what inspires them.

Play pool, toss back some cold ones, inhale some pizza and get to know your favorite builders.

Jesse Bassett doesn't enter shows anymore. But don't let that fool you, the Gasbox name is synonymous with first place. Because the man is in such high demand he prefers to stay hidden wrenching away on custom bikes for his long, long, long list of customers.

Austin Andrella is currently wining a s%&t load of build contests, including Cleveland IMS. He has become quite a force creating bikes that are undeniably timeless with plenty of vintage chopper funk, due in part to his minimalist styling and eye for original design.