Technically, membership means bay rental. Realistically, membership means being a part of the Skidmark community. Bay rental comes with the bike bench, the tool bench, and a large bin for your miscellaneous parts. The tool bench contains any hand tool you could possibly need - all the standard and metric wrenches and sockets, all the different sizes of screwdrivers you can imagine, vice grips, crescent wrenches, pliers, mallets, brushes, feeler gauges, a can of WD-40, latex gloves, ziplock baggies, torque wrenches, electrical tape, a utility blade, rags, and safety goggles. Membership also means you get to store your bike at the garage for the duration of your membership.

Vapor Blasting

Membership now includes the use of our state of the art vapor blasting machine. Refinishing and cleaning your old parts has never been easier. It's a simple, environmentally safe process that we guarantee will leave your parts shining and you smiling.

Tire Changer

Skidmark's tire changer is muscle powered. Using it one time will save you enough money that you can afford to pay for mom's surgery. We'll show you how to use it and even help you if needed.

Power tools

Skidmark's power tools consist of things with which you can't kill yourself. The things that your dad had in the basement? Yeah...we have that stuff, only newer.


This is what makes Skidmark the coolest place in The Land. Turning wrenches in and of itself is a good thing, but fixing your motorcycle with friends while jamming tunes is the greatest. Combining the internet, our growing library of literature and manuals, and the knowledge shared by other members, one can build almost anything in Skidmark Garage.


The lounge has everything you need to relax between fighting with seized bolts. Plenty of couch space, board games, foosball, ping-pong, darts, a fridge, a TV or two, microwave... It's got all the amenities you had in your first studio apartment sans the murphy-bed.