You got questions. We got answers.

A: No. Nobody is allowed to fix another person's motorcycle.

A: Everyone is expected to help one another.

A: Absolutely. You are exactly the person that has the most to gain by being a member. There are no attitudes here about your skill level. We will show you how to use all the tools.

A: There is no attitude here about what bike you ride. People work on minibikes, mopeds, Harleys, Japanese, BMWs, crotch-rockets, cruisers, etc...

A: Skidmark Garage is not meant for you. Please do not join.

A: Nope. We have them all. If there is something we don't have that you need, chances are we'll buy it.

A: There was one. He's no longer allowed here. Douchebags are not allowed.

A: Of course. Membership pricing is based on bikes in the garage, not the amount of people working on said bike.